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Last weekend was spent at two dog shows and Rhiyo has started to shine.

EXxiino’s Don’t Snooze And Looze

Vänersborg INT-22

Second best junior male with EXC, CQ and lovely critiques, under judge Per Lundström.

Vänersborg SDHK NAT-22

Best junior male with EXC, CQ, lovely critiques, and later 3rd best male with R-CAC and BOS-junior under judge Anders Tunold Hanssen.

I have to say that both judges were really great. Took their time with each dog with such a soft approach and even gave some extra comments about the dogs. They also helped the non-experienced handlers by explaining to them exactly what and why they were asked to do something.

It's a true honor to show dogs under such lovely judges.

I hope I'll be able to show dogs under them again in the future.

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